Impromptu Shrimp Pasta


An almost full finger of ginger sitting in the fridge, alongside pre-cooked shrimp, paved the way for an unexpectedly delicious fusion of ingredients.

This is not necessarily a recipe to follow but rather a call to consider the potential harmony of ingredients you wouldn’t usually throw together in a saucepan. Ginger was finely chopped with a shallot, and a handful of sun-dried tomatoes. Olive oil and a little butter helped the two sweat for a few minutes. Sun-dried tomatoes, sea salt, and crushed red pepper, were added to sizzle along.

An arbitrary concoction of pomegranate molasses, Sriracha sauce, more olive oil, vinegar, and za’atar contributed wonderfully to the mix that cooked on low heat. An espresso cup full of hot whole wheat pasta water was reserved, allowing the mixture to liquefy and toss nicely with the pasta and pre-cooked shrimp.

Parmesan and a little bit of spinach, contributed nutrition and umami to the melting pot.

© 2012 by Faris Habayeb

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