The Fat Radish

R is for Radish

An unexpected long wait nullified the reservation that we had made. It is this sort of establishment that could deter you from enjoying what The Fat Radish has to offer. It reeks of the hip and fashionable. Having said that, once seated, the experience was crowned with sensory delight.

With China Town not too far away, it made urbane sense that some gritty Chinese graffiti remained on one of the big pillars, diagramming the interior of the restaurant’s dining area. Expansive art best described as bauhaus California, contribute warmth to what would have seemed like a cold British eatery. Specials of the day are hand written on a large mirror more akin to a French brasserie.

Cocktails at The Fat Radish are zingy and fresh. Consider jalapenos and beet juice as a volatile, pink combo, with gin and tequila being some of the drink menu’s main players.

If the British were meant to know a thing or two about crab I was definitely in for a surprise. The crab gratin is a must try. Piping hot from the oven, a ramekin of salted crab, white cheddar, and sherry is ready, willing, and able, to be slathered on some hearty, toasted bread. Leeks that come close to being burnt, are perfectly golden and crunchy, adding an understated onion disposition to the mix.

Vegetarian or not, The Fat Radish Plate, is a cornucopia of seasonal, local vegetables with brown rice. The kale and chard retained an intense green hue and were succulently cut with lemon. Unfortunately, the truffle fries were a $12 disappointment.

Undecided on what to end the meal with, the three cheese plate of honey comb, blueberry jam, and almonds was a common ground of salty and sweet. Frankly, a great English full stop to a meal.

The Fat Radish
17 Orchard St.
NY, NY 10002 


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