Branding a Season: Summer

Consider, the blunt smell of chlorine on your skin after a few laps in the pool. Follow with a bask in the sun and some hasty lashings of sweet, cold ketchup that runs lukewarm as it whips some freshly fried salted potatoes.

If a season had a logo what would it look like?

A challenge for the season I would never put on top my preferred climate list, this personal exercise contributed to a capriciousness on my part, as I found myself excited for all things warm and sweaty.

The mark is composed of a bitten into watermelon or doughnut, you decide, and a bun of versatile utility too. Hot dog or burger? The decision is yours. The logo evokes all the activities that represent the aforementioned food items. Bike rides, carousels, and day-tripping beneath a hot-blue sky.

Summer Logo Faris Habayeb
Summer Cosmetic Faris Habayeb

Summer Tank Faris Habayeb

Summer Bottle and Fries Faris Habayeb

© 2012 Faris Habayeb

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