Provincetown, MA

Beach Bike Provincetown Darabzine

Asphalt defines the beach at Herring Cove, paving the way for a serene bicycle zip along the seaside. This is Provincetown. It is here where the wheels whirl and the ocean whispers.

A scenic path designated for bikers and runners alike, meanders through a beach forest, moss, and silky dunes.

Provincetown Darabzine

A tea dance at the Boatslip signaled sumer early. Fashionably sizzling, the varied crowd keeps cool. Golden Adidas high tops and funky boat shoes of shapes and sizes prod the wooden deck. The tide of the afternoon ocean rises. Kylie Minogue’s “Time Bomb” makes for an explosive backdrop as the blazing sun energizes the crowd and the infinite New England horizon glistens. My Brooklyn Summer Ale never tasted so good.

Nibbles out and around the town included seafood fare of all sorts: freshly shucked Wellfleet oysters with horseradish at the local farmer’s market, uncomplicated swordfish with mango, seafood frittatas, and succulent lobster rolls.

Item Provincetown Logo Darabzine

Amidst the many that sell kitschy beach trinkets otherwise known as dust collectors, Item is the sort of beach boutique you would want to put on your list. While the anchor graphic that is part of the shop’s logo is hardly groundbreaking, the word “item” is typeset alongside in American Typewriter and is quite noteworthy.

Seeing it on the tags attached to the apparel for sale and on shopping bags too, unlocked its branding potential. The boutique is filled with well curated pieces from Scotch and Soda and Rag and Bone to name a few. While much at Item is beach inspired, everything is steeped with city attitude. The luxe tees and dainty leather belts are the sort anyone would happily rock on the streets of Manhattan.

© 2012 Faris Habayeb

2 thoughts on “Provincetown, MA

  1. I believe I was! That explains the blanketing of the streets with the Portuguese flag. Unfortunately, I did not partake in any of the festivities.

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