Tim Convery Provincetown Darabzine

The most striking thing about Provincetown, is its detachment from the ostentatiousness of the New England beach scene. A stroll though the principal street that is Commercial, leaves one at a leisurely pace, soaking in the Cape Cod sun and the fresh, salt-water air.

I was visually arrested when stumbling upon a bold, black, and orange sign that evoked the weight and beauty of Herb Lubalin’s glyphs and stylized slab-serif type. The graphic was originally conceived by the structuring of duct tape, evoking the sort of grime perhaps more suited to Brooklyn. More water towers and bridges, as opposed to lighthouses and lobsters.

The sign, and the miscellany of genuine articles sold inside the double story space, all bear variations of graphic work by Tim Convery. Think awe-inspiring souvenirs to take back home, t-shirts, blankets, totes, hoodies, and limited edition prints that all bear unique Provincetown art.

Convery, who lives upstairs is a design veteran. His curriculum vitae is steeped with New York creative experience. He worked with Paula Scher in the 80’s and spent many years building cosmetic brands. Relocating to Provincetown, he is a radiating beacon of the relaxed beach culture that burgeons in the area.

Tim Scapes Provincetown Business Card Darabzine

Tim Scapes Lobster Provincetown Darabzine

There are plans to sell gear online very soon. Until then you could always make a trip and check out the endearing store on 394 Commercial.


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