Airport Shopping Gets a Twist

Maptote Darabzine

La Guardia is finally beginning to feel like the city in which millions flock. Aside from the Jet Blue terminal and a few VIP lounges, the fatigued airport has chronically suffered from a lack of quality retail and dining options. Nonetheless, it feels like a change is coming.

Devoted to Delta, Terminal D now offers burgers by Pat La Frieda and a new travel boutique, Zona. This is the place to pick up a last minute gift that is not a blatantly inauthentic souvenir.

With only one other shop in Atlanta, Zona curates pieces in all price ranges, for men, women, and children, spanning grooming, apparel, and accessory territories. Items here are well curated, astonishing, given the significant retail space that is often reserved for overpriced magazines, gum, and floss. Think products by Tokyo Milk, decoupage by John Derian, old fashioned soaps, nifty laundry bags, and whimsical toiletry cases that evoke Jack Spade but are designed by Maptote.

Time will tell whether the store will become a familiar space in airports all over. Regardless, a place like this is a much needed refresher in the stagnant industry that is airport retail.

Gray Dop Kitt Maptote Darabzine


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