They can be silly. They only channel every single hipster who pulls espresso shots behind the counters of Stumptown and Blue Bottle Coffee. 80’s Michael Jackson thrums away. But hats—in all sorts, come and go in fashion. Their sartorial perception ebbs and flows through trend cycles, bringing about a love-hate labeling among the masses.

Concluding that I just did not look good in hats, I overlooked the accessory. Nonetheless, they can look ridiculously good on boys and girls. A sprezzatura remedy for a bad hair day, or just a way of saying you don’t care (when you really do), hats, especially in the summer, pave the way for a common ground that blurs the lines between costume and utility.

With a few days left before I embarked on a summer getaway, over iced coffee and Vanity Fair’s July issue, the idea of a Latin inspired hat seemed to perpetually flirt with wanting to get seriously involved with my wardrobe.

It was mere coincidence that led me into the recently opened Block Headwear on East Houston. There, I found the hats to be flattering. Cut smaller, they negotiated their way into the approval matrix. The brand’s designer is a Cuban New Yorker, a strategic formula resulting in a collection that is retains an authentic heritage all the while pandering to hipster culture.

I won’t say that I’ll always wear my trilby, but I can confidently say that when I do, I think I can finally pull it off. Cubano, anyone?

Hat Darabzine


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