Coco Café

coco cafe darabzine

Riding the waves of the coconut water craze it seemed only a matter of time before the potassium-rich beverage of choice, amongst the chic and fabulous, would need a perk. Coco Café does just that by combining coconut water, milk, and espresso, all together in one handheld package.

The newfangled combination fares well, delivering an unsurprising, iced latte sort of experience. Sadly, the coconut water, which has a subdued taste to begin with, gets totally lost amidst the bumptious flavors of espresso and milk.

Much like the bevy of beverages fortified with caffeine, vitamins, and other alleged elixirs, Coco Café, at best attempts to hydrate and perhaps perk, a little more naturally than its synthetic counterparts. On a design note, let’s acknowledge the clever illustration of a coconut palm rooted into the ocean! It turns the humdrum emblem of the sea and all things nautical into something more original.


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