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Shirt: American Apparel, Belt: Express, Trousers: Topman, Tasseled loafers: Allen Edmonds

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Florrie | Shot You Down


The British princess of underground cool is back with “Shot You Down“, a simple, irresistible ditty about the demise of love.

In the tradition of the remedy to romantic affliction, a gun usually does the trick. Florrie maintains this convention, only her gun is more of a stainless steel pistol; drumming singlehandedly, bullets of ear candy.

Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware Darabzine

Jessie Ware is a wonderful reaction to music’s current fondness with the 80’s. It’s as if Kate Bush and Whitney Houston were enjoying a private tête-à-tête, collaborating on a sound that is ethereal and all the while soulful.

Yet comparisons can only catapult an artist so much, and while Jessie Ware is undoubtedly influenced by prominent musical impressions from when she was a toddler, she has carved herself a unique sound. Her young but accomplished resume include being a backup singer and collaborator with London’s Sbtrkt, an underground act that infuses dub-step and house, with a lot of percussion.

Wildest Moments“, taken from her debut solo, Devotion that is released today, infuses recurring, big drums and enchanting vocals, amidst an electronic landscape. “Running” shines more light on Ware’s artistry: a vocally talented songstress governed by the likes of Sade with remarkably produced music.

As we enter 2012’s last leg, this is the undoubtedly an artist to give your ears a listen to.

Totto Ramen

Totto Ramen Darabzine

Totto Ramen lives up to its pegging as principal of New York’s Ramen scene. Accompanied with the establishment’s tendency to blare jazz standards for the duration of your meal, it’s a colonialist juxtaposition that’s actually tolerable. The broth alone here has become a golden standard of which to compare other establishments’ attempts at similar, soup-based fare.

It is the sort you wish your homemade chicken noodle soup would start off with; a translucent, flaxen, liquid, boasting a prevailing chicken liquor. The noodles which mostly sink, but bob from time to time, are gratifyingly chewy in their uncomplicated way. Standard accompaniments are dried seaweed, scallions, garlic, and slices of chicken. The spicy variation comes with a ladleful of chili oil, infusing each bowl with an energetic kick that’s bound to clear up those sinuses.

In a place where the temperatures are low for most of the year, it is no mystery why many prescribe the precious broth here for the winter chills, or even a broken heart. Sadly, as with any establishment that gets a good write up or two come the crowds and queues of irritability.

Totto Ramen
366 W 52nd St
(between 9th Ave & 8th Ave) 
New York, NY 10019