Florrie | Shot You Down


The British princess of underground cool is back with “Shot You Down“, a simple, irresistible ditty about the demise of love.

In the tradition of the remedy to romantic affliction, a gun usually does the trick. Florrie maintains this convention, only her gun is more of a stainless steel pistol; drumming singlehandedly, bullets of ear candy.


2 thoughts on “Florrie | Shot You Down

  1. Great beat, don’t care for the words. Is violence always the answer, especially given the shooting in NYC today?
    Did this have to be posted today?

  2. Hello Dave. There is a stark contrast between entertainment and reality, especially given the allegorical reference here in both the editorial commentary and the artist’s vision. Having said that, it was a complete coincidence, prior to my knowledge of the unfortunate incident, and thus unintentional on my part. I apologize if this has caused you, or anyone else viewing this blog any aggravation. I think this country really needs to do something about gun control.

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