Thai Larb


A boldness preserved in salt and oil defines Larb, a manifestation of flavor that brings forth a unique disposition best described as sweetly hot.

Start with a pound of raw ground chicken, a raw diced onion, juice of a fresh lime juice, salt, pepper, and a dash of fish sauce. This is the secret ingredient which unleashes the magic, and a tablespoon or two go a long way.

Cooking the chicken, prepare a dressing of two tablespoons of fish sauce, three tablespoons of agave or honey, and a good, long squeeze of Sriracha. A nutty oil like sesame can be added to bring depth to the mixture. Lime or even orange juice increases the volume of your dressing which will be a pleasant addition to the dish if you’re having brown rice.

As the chicken finishes cooking, add fresh basil, cilantro, mint too, barely letting them wilt, as such herbs are best served fresh. For a modern twist with crunch add toasted crisped rice to the mix.

© 2012 Art by Faris Habayeb

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