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Food Notes on San Francisco

San Fran Train Darabzine

In San Francisco an unpretentious foodie bonanza awaits.

With a cult following, Philz Coffee brings drip coffee, back to the limelight. Phil, a Lebanese Jew celebrates his passion for the American brew, but injects an international perspective to his caffeinated beverages, which sometimes seem more like concoctions, involving Turkish coffee and ingredients like cardomom and mint.

Tartine’s freshly baked goods are a guilty pleasure to savor. A measured ratio of croissant and muffin dough make for a prized morning bun. Correspondingly, candied orange and butter, crown the sensation that define morning glory.

At Delfina, top-tier Italian is transported from New York to San Francisco. In the heart of the trendy Mission District, sits a pizzeria and restaurant, delivering fresh and simple Italian food, with a focus on local and seasonal ingredients. A thorough, complex wine list awaits, complementing the delectable dishes offered here. Think fluently lip-smacking pasta with tomato and parmesan, whole grilled fish, and bitter green sides, like lemon-garlic chard.

Not too far away, step into Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop. It is here where frozen yogurt and its legion of disciples are pushed aside, their reign reconsidered on the throne of the frozen treat kingdom. The trendy flavor that is salted caramel is catapulted to remarkable territory, never overwhelmed with sugar, but fine-tuned with a smoldering caramel that scintillates with cream and salt.

Balsamic Strawberry makes way for a subtle twist on an ice cream classic. An anticipated vinegary disposition is muted accordingly to delight the palette as opposed to shock it with acidity.

Boulange Darabzine

On the light front, a smoked trout salad at Boulange defined lunch alfresco. Yet not too long after, as the pangs of hunger kick in, be sure to make a stop for grilled cheese at The Melt. The concept is Jonathon Kaplan’s latest venture following the success of his Flip Video revolution. Variations of grilled cheese and bread are paired with different soups. Tomato and bacon are available upon request and at no charge.

Hambrugers Darabzine

Get your burger fix at In-N-Out Burger, or the lesser known Hamburgers in Sausalito, where patties slowly gyrate on a lazy-susan grill.

Everything’s Embarrassing

Sky Ferreira Darabzine

When Sky Ferreira first emerged it seemed like she was meant to be the next big thing. Yet a couple years later, since her irresistible “One” was released, the twenty-year-old songbird is still in artistic purgatory.

Continuing to experiment with genres that do not necessarily express her versatility, as much as allude to her confusion, it seems that Ms. Ferreira is yet to define her creative jurisdiction. Nonetheless, be it another plan of investigation, or perhaps, the missing piece to her puzzle, “Everything’s Embarrassing” is a stylish track, formulated beautifully to pay homage to the 80’s, an era today that has been declared both romantic and popular.


Lupa Darabzine

It is hard to recall this precious Italian eatery as one thumbs through the Rolodex that is Batali’s culinary corporation. While the diminutive restaurant on Thompson boasts an excellent menu, space is often limited. Consequently, one may find themselves propped up at the bar making their way through Roman courses that pleasingly exhibit a clever New York perspective.

Mozzarella di Bufala with leeks, paired with a glass of white, served with soft, warm bread that’s coddled in olive oil and fragrant leeks is a delicious way to begin your dinner. Cavatelli with octopus and calamari make way for chewy pasta immersed with the piquancy of the sea. Surprisingly, the duck at Lupa is exemplary, the skin particularly crisped, reminiscent of what makes for a prized Peking duck. Balsamic, apples, and potatoes, paired beautifully with the moist bird.

Batali’s always been a huge proponent of the employment of olive oil in desserts. At Otto his olive oil gelato is distinguished. At Lupa, an olive oil torta ushers olive oil’s fluency as a fragrant liaison between fruit and cake.

170 Thompson St
(between Bleecker St & Houston St) 
New York, NY 10012


Brigitte Darabzine

There’s a devilry in Brigitte’s tunes that’s hard to resist. Thus, when brands like Target and Lancôme utilize the sounds of the French female duo, one can’t help but start taking notice. In an era where artists are redefining the ways in which they achieve their breakthroughs, Brigitte have clearly marked a presence on the music map. More exciting than The Pierces, Brigitte hint to a Bohemian disposition that’s unmistakably hipster. Their music brings forth an interesting sound, mostly folk, but their occasional use of a bass beat revives a discotheque that may be playing an Abba, or even a Fleetwood Mac number.

Paloma Faith

Every now and then a songstress appears on the airwaves causing stir and commotion that’s perhaps just the right amount of different, but still radio friendly. Sort of like if J.Crew had a voice, Paloma Faith is an interesting sound to take note of, as we attempt to make sense of an era that has reached a post-Adele plateau.

Paloma Faith Darabzine

Ms. Faith is a pop-artist bundle; she sports tattoos and her videos exhibit editorial grace with strong maquillage. With an iconic, fiery, hairdo, Ms. Faith’s creative sartorial narratives, consider her in a dress in the middle of bowling alley in the video of “New York”, perpetually illustrate a case of fashionable melancholia.

“Picking Up The Pieces”, is with no doubt, Ms. Faith’s spectacular explosion. An articulate outburst, it alludes to a vocal capacity that could make up for the loss of Amy Winehouse’s rigor, channeling Gin Wigmore and her low-pitched likes.