Museum Eats: M. Wells Dinette

M. Wells Dinette Darabzine

The reinstitution of M. Wells Dinette at MoMa PS1 is a testament to the trend that is museums riding the foodie craze by establishing prized eateries in their exhibition spaces.

The dinette pays strong tribute to the building’s history as a place of learning. Consequently, seating faces the exposed kitchen as if patrons were in a classroom setting with chalk handwriting telling the tale of the diminutive eatery’s always changing menu.

Although their first project was short-lived, the duo behind M. Wells are known for their culinary inventiveness. The exotic hybrid of a Québécois and Queens perspective brought about the scandalous manifestation of the horse meat tartare sandwich, which due to a kerfuffle over ethics is no longer being offered. While no menu item at the M.Wells Dinette is meant to be permanent, the beef tartare sandwich has replaced the unconventional equine burger for the time being.

The sandwich is an uncooked beauty of salted, silk-thick beef, onion, lettuce, and fresh aioli. The brioche bun which harnessed everything together, couldn’t have been more instrumental to the experience of consuming a delicious $10 raw burger. M. Wells Dinette also serves pastries, coffee, wine, and beer.

22-25 Jackson Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101


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