Paloma Faith

Every now and then a songstress appears on the airwaves causing stir and commotion that’s perhaps just the right amount of different, but still radio friendly. Sort of like if J.Crew had a voice, Paloma Faith is an interesting sound to take note of, as we attempt to make sense of an era that has reached a post-Adele plateau.

Paloma Faith Darabzine

Ms. Faith is a pop-artist bundle; she sports tattoos and her videos exhibit editorial grace with strong maquillage. With an iconic, fiery, hairdo, Ms. Faith’s creative sartorial narratives, consider her in a dress in the middle of bowling alley in the video of “New York”, perpetually illustrate a case of fashionable melancholia.

“Picking Up The Pieces”, is with no doubt, Ms. Faith’s spectacular explosion. An articulate outburst, it alludes to a vocal capacity that could make up for the loss of Amy Winehouse’s rigor, channeling Gin Wigmore and her low-pitched likes.


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