Lupa Darabzine

It is hard to recall this precious Italian eatery as one thumbs through the Rolodex that is Batali’s culinary corporation. While the diminutive restaurant on Thompson boasts an excellent menu, space is often limited. Consequently, one may find themselves propped up at the bar making their way through Roman courses that pleasingly exhibit a clever New York perspective.

Mozzarella di Bufala with leeks, paired with a glass of white, served with soft, warm bread that’s coddled in olive oil and fragrant leeks is a delicious way to begin your dinner. Cavatelli with octopus and calamari make way for chewy pasta immersed with the piquancy of the sea. Surprisingly, the duck at Lupa is exemplary, the skin particularly crisped, reminiscent of what makes for a prized Peking duck. Balsamic, apples, and potatoes, paired beautifully with the moist bird.

Batali’s always been a huge proponent of the employment of olive oil in desserts. At Otto his olive oil gelato is distinguished. At Lupa, an olive oil torta ushers olive oil’s fluency as a fragrant liaison between fruit and cake.

170 Thompson St
(between Bleecker St & Houston St) 
New York, NY 10012


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