Solange Knowles


If there was one thing holding Solange Knowles from proving musical ground, it would have to be that she may always be overshadowed by the icon that is her older sister Beyoncé. Fortunately, Solange, albeit young in her artistic career, has been astutely paving her own path, shining brightly sans the pyrotechnics of mainstream pop.

While her 2008, “Sandcastle Disco” failed to be a chart topper, the song became a popular underground hit, offering a breakbeat alternative to a year earmarked for Rihanna.

Solange Knowles Darabzine

In January of 2012, Solange finalized a modeling deal with Next Model Management. A testament to her cultural integrity, Solange’s panorama extends to acting and being a DJ too. Her latest material parades a syncopation of fashion and style, her aesthetic flirting with what may be pegged as hipster, but demanding greater recognition as the package she presents is remarkable.

“Losing You” is a grown up, chilled ditty, shot in South Africa but comes from a clearcut, New York point of view. While colorful and filled with haberdashery, any vibrancy is muted by Solange’s frosty tunefulness. Her other recent release “Sleep In The Park”, is a more confident and courageous number, with pleasingly complicated harmonies, and a lot of 80’s soul.


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