With Almonds and Salt

The mixture of almonds and sea salt have been making a mark in the chocolate world, a power duo of sodium chloride and nut, nestling deliciously amidst cocoa confection. Three variations come to mind, each offering an elaborate but unique take on the concoction.

Mast Brothers Darabzine
Mast Brothers Almonds and Sea Salt
A ruler of the dark chocolate kingdom. Dominican Republic dark chocolate maintains its integrity with California almonds that are roasted in sea salt and cold pressed Italian olive oil.

Taza Salted Almond Darabzine

Taza Salted Almond

Ideal for melting for a mexican hot chocolate, but perfectly suited to go with your morning espresso. The elegance this dark chocolate offers is in the fine subtleties of almonds and salt that are finely ground.

Vosges Barcelona Darabzine

Vosges Barcelona Bar
Milk chocolate has somewhat faded in the background, its delight becoming almost unassuming to the senses. Vosges crafts a bar that catapults milk chocolate back to the remarkable. Fleur de Sel Grey sea salt and smoked almonds are instrumental in the delivery of this chocolate that certainly delights.


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