Perla Darabzine

The scene at Perla is stylish and social. It is here where one can be surrounded by delicious type treatments, loved ones, rustic Italian, and the bellows of Notorious B.I.G. With a reservation for half-past ten on a Saturday night, we were seated in a big booth facing Minetta Lane, tufted leather cushioning our backs and rustic Italian razzing our bellies. It is at establishments like these, we are reminded of the experience of dining out. A sensory undertaking that the brains behind Perla, Michael Toscano and Gabriel Stulman, have mastered.

Don’t come here for an experience set only for sustenance, but come to see chic girls perched on the bar as they slurp poor man inspired pasta. Note the plump but graceful “P” in the restaurant’s logo, its slant, provocative and succulent like the octopus appetizer served with eggplant, garlic bread, and tomato. Pass around creamy polenta, silkened with Fontina and Asiago and do the same with the broccoli rabe too. Spicy tomato gnocchi, orecchiette, and Tajarin are all fluent in the Perla lexicon, delivering satisfying pasta that glistens with simple flavors. Drink, order dessert, and even down an espresso before you make your exit. The night is young and evenings like this are to be treasured.

24 Minetta Lane
(between Carmine St & Avenue Of The Americas)
New York, NY 10012


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