Herbed Bucatini with Peas


A distinct, meaningful element of the pasta experience is a good pan sauce. It doesn’t always have to involve heaps of sauce and tomatoes. For maximum flavor, toss and twirl your durum wheat. This allows you to coat and glaze your pasta to the hilt. For a change, consider bucatini, a kind of pasta in the shape of a tube. It resembles spaghetti but thanks to its hollowed nature, it paves the way for a remarkable chewy texture. Hot olive oil, shallots, and garlic make for a great pan sauce to pair with your bucatini. Adding peas and a touch of reserved pasta water will give your sauce all the more oomph for your pasta to work with. As you introduce your freshly boiled bucatini to the pan sauce, add some freshly cut dill and mint to the mix. Toss and twirl, with a little bit of butter, cheese, freshly ground salt, and pepper.

© 2012 Art by Faris Habayeb

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