Róisín Murphy

Rosin Murphy Darabzine

You may vaguely recall Róisín Murphy from as early as the nineties or more recently in 2000. Her Irish voice humidly nestled amidst the infectious house and dance beats of “Sing it Back“, a track that followed suit with much of the British house music scene reigned by acts like Artful Dodger and Basement Jaxx. Fast forward to present day and Moloko has disbanded, and house music seems to have sort of remained on the shelf with the brash bass lines of Dub step taking precedence. Yet Ms. Murphy’s musical career stands, making notable impressions on the scene. She possesses some remarkable, deep vocal chords, her range is contralto which complements her mysterious persona. And while the work may be best described as having a knee-jerk musical presence, she has only released two albums to date, Ms. Murphy never ceases to impress when she does surface, crafting some very brilliant sounds.

Most prolific of her work to date is this year’s collaboration with Luca C & Brigante. Famous for their Balearic beats, the Italian duo could not have formed a better partnership. Ms. Murphy’s vocals on the track are both melancholic and muscular, glittering alongside “Flash of Light’s” apocalyptic beats.


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