A Reviving Relish: Lemon Garlic Tahini


On a hasty whim, the combination of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, and salt, created a remarkable dressing for Tabouleh. More versatile than you’d expect, the very same ingredients drizzled over broiled salmon, or even roasted sweet potatoes, made for a divine purée and condiment.

© 2013 Faris Habayeb

Motivational Lozenge: Move In The Right Direction

Gossip Darabzine

After having thrived in the underground music scene for sometime, Gossip, formerly The Gossip, have been enjoying just the right amount of mainstream success. This seismic triumph includes the use of the song “Heavy Cross” for Dior’s J’adore Dior scent, which featured the eclipsing Charlize Theron catwalk to a concoction of designer scent and Beth Ditto’s bluish vocals.

Accordingly, the band’s latest offering “Move In The Right Direction,” is a motivational, triumphant dance number that’s bound to melt away January’s icy temperament. Set amidst typography that is full of vigor and an infectious beat, this is a 3 minute and 32 second prescription of pure joy.


Haim Darabzine

If Lena Dunham is rumored to be the new Nora Ephron and Girls is the Sex and The City of our era, then Haim are what the girls from Girls would actually sound like if they were sisters and formed a band.

It is a pity that the show’s Achilles heel is actually the fact that it’s first season was so good that all this gushing from the media has induced so much eye rolling, you’re lucky if your eyes can actually roll back to a conventional position. Who knows if Girls will actually usher the revolution its evangelists are claiming, but there is an interesting cultural shift taking place in our world and the interconnections between television and music simply cannot be ignored. In the matrix that plots Girls and Sex and The City as variables, it is well-reasoned to place Haim under the first and polished, British, acts like Girls Aloud under the latter.

Haim come from L.A., and they all sing and play their own music. With a sound that’s clearly dominated by the vintage, they bring elements of R&B and folk-rock in their music. Their discography does not span much, but the package they present is easy on the ears, cool, and downright fun to listen to.

Listen to “Don’t Save Me” here.

The Hardy Gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore Darabzine

When Gin Wigmore, the 26 year old Kiwi surfaced on the scene approximately two years ago, her prospects were budding.

2011 witnessed the release of Gravel and Wine, the follow up to her acclaimed debut Holy Smoke, and today Ms. Wigmore is still the captivating songstress she was projected to become.

While Gravel and Wine is yet to be available in the U.S., “Man Like That,” the lead single from the record, witnessed release stateside in October of 2012. The track retains a gritty-soul sound that Ms. Wigmore masters so well. However, the look and feel is packaged a little more artistically, painting her born-on-the-bayou sensibilities with coat of cabaret grunge. As seen through a key hole, the music video recalls Steven Meisel’s Louis Vuitton’s 2008-09 Fall campaign, which memorably showcased Madonna in a French bistro setting. But more than eye candy, the track has an incessant drum beat, writhing guitar lines, trumpets, and Ms. Wigmore’s ravishingly coarse vocals.

You can listen to the track and watch the video here.