Romesco Sauce


Romesco is a Catalan, red, hearty sauce, offering an alternative to an otherwise humdrum marinara. It recalls Muhammara, a nut-based dip from Aleppo in Syria which is made with walnuts, peppers, and pomegranate molasses. A homemade batch of Romesco can offer a rotation of eat-in-at-home dinners. It can bring forth a peppery zing to roasted winter vegetables, seafood, or any other protein of choice, and even pasta.



On a recent Saturday evening, I was inspired by the Jerusalem Artichokes and parsnips that dominated the Union Square Farmers Market. I picked up a few, along with a few potatoes and carrots to roast, warming an otherwise chilly winter’s evening. I decided, impulsively, upon making my purchase that Romesco would pair well the vegetables, an unusual condiment, that was delightful with a cod fillet. A lemony, kale salad supplemented the meal with a bite of much needed green disposition.

© 2013 Faris Habayeb

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