SPE Certification Program

SPE Logo Darabzine

The New York Times recently posted a story about SPE, an initiative, which through the power of an effective visual, aims to contribute to your decision making when dining out. SPE is an abbreviation for Sanitas Per Escam, the latin phrase which translates to “health through food.” This isn’t a coup d’état against the Republic of Bacon, but it presents an expected reaction to the dining experience as we know it. Michelin has already set the standard as endorser of quality, service, and flavor. NYC, like LA, and other key cities, now clearly provides letter grades for eating establishments, assessing their cleanliness and sanitation standards as reviewed by their respective municipalities. It seems natural that a seal follow suit for nutrition and wellness.

SPE Logo in Action CSA

Health and taste are both equal driving components that designate an SPE approved dish. The project is both an initiative of creativity and well-being, as it aspires to make a familiar presence in the menu reading experience. SPE is both a philosophy and a business. It is founded by Emmanuel Verstraeten, owner of the esteemed Rouge Tomate in New York City. In order for an establishment to offer the options on their menu, it must collaborate with the SPE standard, which offers establishments who are interested, four different tiers of certification to choose from.

The creative force behind creating this delicious visual indicator is the New York based Carbone Smolan Agency. The logo is a very successful solution, both appetizing and wholesome. The disk-shaped mark speaks to a plate, but it also has a lusciousness to it that whets the appetite. In a bright, luscious red, it evokes a seal reminiscent of candle wax. It also recalls Pinterest, another successful logo which similar characteristics.


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