Haim Darabzine

If Lena Dunham is rumored to be the new Nora Ephron and Girls is the Sex and The City of our era, then Haim are what the girls from Girls would actually sound like if they were sisters and formed a band.

It is a pity that the show’s Achilles heel is actually the fact that it’s first season was so good that all this gushing from the media has induced so much eye rolling, you’re lucky if your eyes can actually roll back to a conventional position. Who knows if Girls will actually usher the revolution its evangelists are claiming, but there is an interesting cultural shift taking place in our world and the interconnections between television and music simply cannot be ignored. In the matrix that plots Girls and Sex and The City as variables, it is well-reasoned to place Haim under the first and polished, British, acts like Girls Aloud under the latter.

Haim come from L.A., and they all sing and play their own music. With a sound that’s clearly dominated by the vintage, they bring elements of R&B and folk-rock in their music. Their discography does not span much, but the package they present is easy on the ears, cool, and downright fun to listen to.

Listen to “Don’t Save Me” here.


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