Alessi Stovetop Espresso Maker

Alessi by Faris Habayeb

© 2013 Faris Habayeb

Pok Pok Phat Thai


Refraining from the Thai kitchen tendency which often involves chandeliers juxtaposed with high-end chair replicas, and other elements of design flair, is Pok Pok Phat Thai. Paying strong tribute to the Thai street, 70’s and 80’s album art decorates the walls, injecting a hipster twist to the eatery that is mostly dedicated to phat (Pad) Thai.

Pork fat is the piston behind the Andy Ricker engine that renders a variety of delicious phat Thais, none of which include chicken, an apparent fabrication best left for tourists.

A substitution for the vegan and the none pork consuming crowd can be made. For an effervescently authentic experience, pair your phad Thai with a drinking vinegar, a sour tasting fruit-based beverage that comes in a variety of flavors. Tamarind fares to be the most pleasant.

137 Rivington St
(between Norfolk St & Suffolk St) 
New York, NY 10002

© 2013 Faris Habayeb

Dido | Girl Who Got Away

Dido Girl Who Got Away Darabzine

Girl Who Got Away is proving to be an electronic wonder drug, encouraging DJs and ambient pandits alike, to experiment and celebrate the beats that compose Dido’s most recent musical effigy. “No Freedom,” a triumphant number from the new record rekindles Dido’s roots that began in steadfast electronica. The track already has two uniquely different, but delightful remixes under its belt.

Vocally, Dido continues to maintains a sound that continues to easily translate to her acoustic sessions. However, songs like “Blackbird” are best enjoyed in their electronic glory. The track is irrefutably one of the album’s highlights, harking to British house that shaped much of the late nineties. It’s a masterpiece that demonstrates the overwhelming distress that is heartache.