At the helm of the kitchen and establishment known as Peasant is Frank De Carlo. His relentless dedication can be experienced at the very back of the restaurant where a sizable opening offers diners a peer into his efforts. Amidst the mechanics and utensils of an industrial kitchen is a wood fire oven that Mr. De Carlo constructed himself. It is a pivotal wrench in the equation of the delectable. It chars pizzas, appropriately moist in the middle, and dry and yeasty on the sides. The very same oven braises meats, seafood, and even makes the most luxurious of rabbit lasagnas.

The complimentary ricotta will put all diners here off to a good start. It is homemade, accompanied with dollops of nutty olive oil and freshly sliced bread, ushering a series of eats radiating with the hearth of an Italian kitchen.

Segue to a simple pizza Margherita, scored into fours, kissed with tomato, basil, and mozzarella di bufula. Four, fresh sardines, breadcrumbs, olive oil, and lemon juice, precisely capture the essence of Sicily. Quail with velvety polenta and winter vegetables, translates provincial Italian on the plate fluently.

Plated Sardine Darabzine

In a city overflowing with establishments that market rustic Italian cuisine as specialty, weeding out the trendy from the exceptional, has become routine consideration for any food admirer regularly on the hunt for a delicious Italian meal. Peasant has the veneer of a stock, urban restaurant, but its Italian spirit extends to offer so much more.

194 Elizabeth St
(between Spring St & Prince St) 
New York, NY 10012

© 2013 Faris Habayeb

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