Osteria Cotta

Cotta Darabzine

When you remove the veneer of a modern New York osteria, sometimes all you’re left with is a feigned rustic experience that’s irritatingly expensive. Cotta, on the Upper West Side, remains true to its Italian provenance: ideal for a delicious, cheap, and cheery, economical lunch.

Interiors are dark and cozy, wine lists are extensive, and eating alfresco is always a great experience. Cotta has small plates, pasta, and a coddling take on brunch, think eggs with polenta and spicy tomato sauce.

Small plates of cauliflower and chickpea fritters are great to share and a sampling of their bruschetta offerings celebrates all things Italian. Think pesto, clover honey, fresh ricotta, creamy burrata, and mascarpone as well. Best of all, its reminiscent of downtown dining, but it’s conveniently perched on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side.

513 Columbus Ave
(between 84th St & 85th St) 
New York, NY 10024


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