Vanessa Paradis|Love Songs


The gap-toothed darling and style icon makes a comeback to the limelight with new material. Following her Spring 2013 collaboration with H&M, Love Songs is a double album by Ms. Paradis, her latest and more significant music offering since 2007’s Divinidylle.

A reflective stream of artistic consciousness, it’s hard not to consider the connections between Ms. Paradis music on this new record, and her more recent break up with long time lover Johnny Depp. Such sentiments evoke Carla Bruni’s poetry based, No Promises, which relied heavily on romance verses composed by deceased poets. The first single, “Love Song“, is a significant departure from the rest of the more ballad-based, melancholic tracks that dominate the new record. Electro-tinged, it follows the radio-friendly archetype of “Divine idylle“. Love Song is a catchy track, with an English chorus that fits Ms. Paradis well, especially if you only consider her through a lens of a fashion chanteuse.

Les Espaces et le Sentiments” is perhaps one of the album’s lighter, but rather beautiful moments. It is reminiscent of her outstanding work on “Chet Baker“, which was taken from the previously recorded Divinidylle.  The song relies heavily on acoustic guitar and possesses some really enjoyable and exciting percussion, along with Ms. Paradis’ raspy vocals. “Mi Amore“, apart from the trite title, offers another sprinkling of merry diversion from album’s melancholic temperament.

All in all, Love Songs asserts Ms. Paradis’ plausibility as not only a style icon, but also an artist who now possesses six albums in her discography.

© 2013 type treatment by Faris Habayeb

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