Mutya | Keisha | Siobhan

Darabzine MKS

When the Sugababes first entered the music scene as a teen act back in the early 2000s, their debut, “One Touch” set a discerning standard for good quality pop. The album, which included the hit single “Overload”, delivered a dose of unadulterated music that the British charts had been missing for a while. Be it the brains behind the scenes, or the brawny harmonies of three young British voices, the Sugababes were set to become the newest act to follow. Unfortunately, the departure of Siobhan Donaghy, one of the band’s original members, ushered the Sugababes into an unrelenting game of musical chairs. While the act continued with a plausible series of chart topping singles and albums, the band’s integrity began to diminish. With the most recent line up on hiatus, none of the original band constituents, and a bitter law suit too, the original members have joined forces, reuniting, to create a new record that promises to pack plenty of vocal prowess. Armed with an arsenal of producers and writers, the album’s first single “Flatline“, asserts that the original band mates are back in business. Produced by Dev Hynes’, the song retains the original sound of the band from back in 2000, albeit its more grown up, with harmonies stronger than expected.


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