Queens Kickshaw


In Astoria, one is accustomed to the many Greek, Arab, and other ethnic kitchens that serve their fare on plates of city dwellers from all boroughs of New York life. But as hipster cuisine continues to dominate the restaurant scene, it seemed only a matter time before Astoria boasted something delicious but up to date, in both style and influence. The Queens Kickshaw is the brainchild of Ben Sandler and Jennifer Lim. Partners in life and business, and proud Astoria residents, their restaurant has drawn crowds for their craft ales and idiosyncratic eats. Think manchego and ricotta with eggplant and mint for lunch, Kimchi lasagna for dinner. Both surprisingly delicious twists on established recipes. Other highlights include Bibimbap with quail eggs and a mac and cheese that would please the grown ups. Salty gruyère, cauliflower, and broccolini all work in unison with pasta, cheddar, and smoked mozzarella. But more than a restaurant, the eatery doubles as a coffee shop and a place for a pick me up as well. An impressive La Marzocco machine dials espresso that’s highly pleasant to taste.

Queens Kickshaw
40-17 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103


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