Taking Fun Seriously: Timo

Timo_Trunks_ Darabzine

For many men planning a holiday involving a water activity of some kind does not always mean considering a good beach wardrobe. The British brand Orlebar Brown found a gap in the men’s swimwear and athletic market, and in turn began selling some of the best pieces available today, combining both fit and performance in an otherwise overlooked garment. Yet having said that, the swimwear market for men, as it stands today, is littered with oversized board shorts or Speedo-like briefs with tasteless embellishing.

Timo Trunks follows a paradigm similar to Orlebar Brown, only it focuses on even more limited inventory that is modern and functional. Available in unique, solid colors, Timo uniquely partners with graphic artists to deliver some of the most smile-inducing swimwear pieces found in the markets today. While some of the designs may come across as a little too strong or even irreverent at times, the fit in which the shorts are cut, complement the garment creating a swimming trunk that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This is the kind of great piece of swimwear that you can confidently throw a t-shirt over to run a quick errand, or even pop into the nearest bar for a drink.

Timo is the brainchild of Bangkok-based Pow Foongfaungchaveng. Operating mainly out of Thailand, the brand has had a number of successful pop-up shops open in Tokyo and Fukuoka. The brand is yet to be sold in the US , however it has been gaining attention from editors worldwide, and an existing online presence allows for international shopping.


Rouge et Blanc


In the class of restaurants that comprise the delight of dining in New York City, colonial kitchens are not at the forefront of the mind. At Rouge et Blanc, French and Vietnamese influences are displayed in harmony with keen thought and attention. Nonetheless, this harmony does not suggest an equal ratio of French and Vietnamese. The notion of a colony, that is complete or partial jurisdiction of one territory influencing another, is quite prevalent at this quiet and romantic SoHo restaurant. Thus, more than often, the restaurant seems more French than Vietnamese.

The owner, who is also sommelier, offers a crisp and bright Sancerre that works effectively with both octopus and beef. Small plates make up the menu which is updated daily and does not run more than a page long, avoiding any sense of inundation.

A cilantro based coulis of octopus and plantains deliciously underscores the flavors of the earth and sea. The only comment being that while the octopus is clearly marinated, it remained a little on the dry side.

Beef cheek is braised and served with a papaya salad and a greased flatbread. Restrained from the temptation of using excess ingredients, it is perhaps one of the restaurant’s most prized dishes. Indeed, it is a fine specimen of what French editing can do to an irrefutably Eastern recipe.

A dish of charred kale and broccoli seems humdrum considering the unrelenting trend of the ubiquitous green. However, it is finished with the rich zip of oil and lemon, complementing the shockingly smooth tenderness of the beef cheek.

Rouge et Blanc
48 Macdougal St
New York, NY 10012

Sartorial Peeping Tom: Clutching onto Summer


She appeared on the A train, appropriately styled, as the sartorial exhibitions that mark New York Fashion Week began to conclude. And while those of us who miscalculated the official arrival of fall began to sweat through our suits and blazers, her presence suggested the coquetry of summer. Her elongated legs splendidly on display in congruence with an ocher top and indigo silk shorts. Hanging on fiercely to those fleeting days of heat and shine, her patent black leather Céline clutch sparkled, as the train chugged us all uptown.

© 2013 Words and Art by Faris Habayeb

Cacio E Pepe


Presenting hardly any difficulty whatsoever, Cacio e Pepe is a Roman dish that does a great job of underscoring the beauty of simple ingredients and their integration. Good cheese, pepper, and pasta, make for a simple sum of all the delicious parts of what constitutes earnest savory taste. For easily prepared Italian that’s meant to be ferociously devoured, add some reserved salted pasta water along with a knob of melted butter, and lots of pepper, creating a simmer sauce you can twirl with freshly boiled pasta and grated cheese.

© 2013 Faris Habayeb