Wild Belle

Wild Belle exhibit a pastiche that includes elements of reggae, soul, and even a little bit of jazz too. Aptly fit for the style scene and the moods defined by the retail experience, siblings Natalie (24) and Elliot Bergman (32), craft numbers on love and heartbreak, usually under the guise of island rhythms and quasi-afrobeat. Natalie’s candied vocals have an edge that is reminiscent of contralto, combined with her brother’s affinity for metal wind instruments, defining the band’s intriguing landscape of sound.


“Keep You”, the band’s lead first single, remains their best work to date. It is an uncanny track, that’s both languid and sprightly, laden with synth, funk, and a lot of saxophone. Similarly, songs like “Another Girl” suggest that Wild Belle is more than passing trend. The vocals on this track are unmistakably powerful, all the while retaining the Caribbean veneer that the band adheres to. Released earlier this year on Columbia Records, is “Isles”, Wild Belle’s debut album, which disappointingly seemed more like ginger ale than beer. Nonetheless, the record is salient thanks to a handful of tracks that suggest that there is more to offer than breezy indie pop.


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