Lorde Darabzine

The sixteen year old, Kiwi newcomer, Lorde, has an acquired skill for song. Best of all, it isn’t disfigured with performance theatrics, skimpy outfits, or the sort of rebellion musical kids partake in these days. Signed to Columbia Records from the budding age of thirteen, after being scouted at a talent show in her native New Zealand, Lorde has just released her first fledged album, Pure Heroine. However one chooses to interpret the double entendre, the album has become an astonishing chart topper in the US, despite lack of substantial promotionthe digital charts alone are testament to this.

“Royals”, the first lead single has been a burning hit since its debut this summer. The track is a lyric poem, better described as an ode to the 99%to those who have the guts to call bluff on a culture that encourages make-believe exuberance. It has elements of trip hop, fantastic harmonies, and a vocal style that is hauntingly cool, but all the while filled with spirit. Lorde’s style sometimes evokes Kanye West ironically, Sbtrkt, and a perkier Xx, or even a less warbling version of Ellie Goulding. Whoever her musical references may be, Lorde carries her own weight as a sampling of her debut will strongly attest. In addition to “Tennis Court”, Lorde’s latest single, “Buzzcut Season”, is perhaps the album’s crowning moment. A multi-dimensional track with dazzling, hair-raising melodies, it graces the ears with the musical minimalism we’ve been yearning to listen to for quite some time now.

Listen to Buzzcut Season below:


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