With a mantra that states: “the perfect bag elevates your look, but doesn’t define  your style”, Everlane is set to inflect more than the few ripples it has already made in the fashion waters. In an age where startups now make up a significant portion of technology and service industries, Everlane is an exemplar model of a young enterprise spawned from an identified gap in the market.

Petra Everlane Darabzine

Similar to the Warby Parker model, Everlane is an online only fashion retailer devoted to eliminating the mark up costs that add to the average suggested retail prices of branded articles. Based out of San Francisco, the brand has received accolades from the fashion press heralding its formula as the good Samaritan in the fashion basics realm. Their inventory is limited to the fundamentals of a wardrobe. T-shirts, sweaters, button downs, and basic accessories like bags, belts, and wallets. More recently the brand is now toying with the luxury market. Cashmere sweaters are now offered as the cooler months kick in, and a very limited line of leather accessories under the name of Black have been introduced. Items in this category are crafted from the best materials sourced by the very same factories that partner with established luxury brands. The Petra Collection is the first to debut under this class with a limited edition tote bag made in Italy. With only a 1,000 made, it requires interested buyers to be put on a wait list, prior to making the purchase.



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