An Ocean of White

As urban dwellers many of us have a propensity to stick to a uniform that is dark, full of greys, and blacks, matching the pavements and streets that physically define the cities in which we live. Moreover, as the winter months kick in, the sartorial likelihood of seeing color, or even white for that matter, diminish greatly. Yet we live in a day and age where the rules of the closet are always challenged or even broken. Fashion, whether we like to admit or not, can be uniting but also dividing, all at the same time. The sartorial goddesses prescribe that even though many of us may shop at the same stores, the trick is to own what you wear and never the other way around.

Sensation Darabzine

In this sweet paradox comes an occasion where the idiosyncrasies of style are limited to white and the masses throng together in harmony. In the indigo luminance of a cool fall night on Saturday, October 26, thousands flocked to the Barclays center, all clad in white, unconsciously united, surrendering to the sensory bliss that is Sensation. The evening, dubbed “an ocean of white”, is an imported European concept, where the arena is converted into what a night rave might be like under the sea.

Sensation Fedde Le Grand Darabzine

Salutes to the 90’s were cleverly referenced, a two minute Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” intermission which pleased anyone who grew up in the 90s, and diehard alternative music fans. Yet for the most part the evening was dominated by light exhibitions, jellyfish, mermaids, bubbles, and other water-based theatrics, all assembled to exploding beats by celebrated acts like Fedde Le Grand and Nic Fanciulli.


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