Coated Denim


Trousers: Topman black coated stretch slim jeans, T-shirt: Uniqlo Heattech Fleece, Boots: Hudson

© 2013 Faris Habayeb

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Creating a symbol to communicate contact or getting in touch, has long been associated with a phone that is more rotary than smart. While some symbols remain tried and true, this recently developed graphic served to underscore the contemporariness of a smartphone, all the while retaining the blueprint of the telephone’s earlier renditions.

© 2013 Faris Habayeb for Columbia Health

Delectable Pop Art

NY Magazine’s 2013 Thanksgiving Planner takes a two-pronged approach to the American November holiday: classically gluttonous or contemporary Mediterranean. Any which way you choose to get inspired, photographer Bobby Doherty created a series of enchanting compositions that hark to pop art without the brash irony that is often attributed to the movement. The results arrest the senses as we consider the employment of pomegranate seeds, pistachio shells, shadow, and light, in these delightful pictures.

Crabby  Pistachio Blue Pink Ramekin  Kale Salad  Corn Mound  Bone Marrow Bread Bacon Sprout Apple LatkesSweet Potato WedgeGreen SaladPink PoissonChoco Shave

Lady Gaga: Artpop


In order for Artpop to do well Lady Gaga need not to worry about the world’s first flying dress. The nefarious 21st century has forced musicians to be more than music makers, but social media authorities too, influencing the masses with their reflections on politics (think gay rights), culture, and the application of creativity, otherwise known as art. While this formula may have worked to Gaga’s advantage prior to the release of Born This Way, it seems that Artpop is yet to successfully match its predecessor’s accomplishment. Perhaps because 2013 isn’t so much like 2011, or perhaps there are some new things Gaga needs to sort out in her ammunition dump.

“Artpop” the album’s namesake, is actually a great track. The song waxes lyrical over the metaphysical, alongside gyrating future sounds perfectly fit for a post Born This Way follow up. “Dope” is a reminder of Gaga’s ability to write and hold a percolating tune. Employing only piano, it’s an ode to the humbling and vulnerability-inducing consequences of love. It’s an urgent number, filled with a beautiful sense of desperation and hair-raising lyrics. “Fashion” is the track you wanted to hate but can’t deny its marvel. While the lyrics may be a schlocky attempt to pander to the fashion industry, it’s a wonderful song with a great disco-tinged chorus. Taking cues from Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, it’s something Gaga does so well—that is not to necessarily imitate, but emulate. Other triumphs are “Applause”, the quick-witted summer hit that celebrates an artist’s requisite for a standing ovation, and “Do What U Want”, which toggles between 80’s-inpired pop and R&B seamlessly, making an R. Kelly collaboration appear like perfect sense.

The rest of the album isn’t likely to cause horror, but concurrently is not worthy of comment. Artpop will probably not do as well as Gaga’s previous records. It isn’t that it’s a bad album, on the contrary, it has its fair share of bright moments. Having said that, when the voice behind the music has become expected to fulfill not only a musical requirement, but also serve as cultural rhetorician, Artpop starts to suffer, sounding more garish than Gaga.

JJ’S Place: Branding

JJ’S Place is a campus greasy spoon, located on the lower level of John Jay Hall at Columbia University. An extensive renovation which involved the outfitting of 32″ flatscreens, booth seating, and a refurbished space, all prompted the push for a refreshed brand identity.

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© 2012 Faris Habayeb for Columbia University

Hudson Boots: Swathmore

Hudson Swathmore Darabzine

If you’ve daydreamed about the perfect boot, perhaps one fashioned by an old British cobbler named Gepetto, then this piece of footwear is for you.

Unlike other boots on the market, the particular round toe of the Swathemore by Hudson evokes the old world with Victorian expression. Perhaps more appropriate for a weekend than attire for the office, in suede, the boot is suggestive of a look that is a little more polished. Pair with your favorite denim or chinos and relish in the beautiful details that are to be found around the heel, laces, and upper part of this charming boot.

Hudson Boots $265