Handvaerk Tshirt Packaging Darabzine

Luxury is a funny word. Conjuring up extravagance and opulence, it is often associated with frills and unnecessary embellishment. Handvaerk is a newcomer to the fashion scene. However, what sets the brand apart is its commitment to producing handmade, luxury essentials for men and women. Think basics, but for grown ups with a penchant for well-made, everyday pieces. Much like the concessions many make for bedding with a high-thread count, Handvaerk sources its pieces from the finest in materials and fabrics, ensuring comfort and quality defines each and every garment.

The manner in which items are packaged, attests to Handvaerks particular way of doing things. Each piece by Handvaerk is made by hand, individually, in family-owned shops, preserving the craftsmanship and caliber associated with the hand crafted. Inspired by mid century design, Handvaerk’s philosophy is reflected beautifully in their finite catalogue. Limited to T-shirts, underwear, sweaters, and scarves, pieces by Handvaerk are astonishingly comfortable and flattering, crowning the brand as a purveyor of luxury basics.

Handvaerk Darabzine


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