Róisín Murphy’s Italian Comeback

As the temperature rises to signal the arrival of summer, so has the cultural barometer of cool, proclaiming the return of the riveting Róisín Murphy.

Mi Senti Logomark Darabzine

Serving as the low pitched voice behind the electro team Moloko, whose beats dominated much of the house scene more than a decade ago. Since then, Ms. Murphy has released two critically acclaimed albums and a smattering of experimental releases, perching her on top of many an underground discothèque’s playlist.

The triumphant fruit of her 2012 alliance with Italian outfit, Luca C & Brigante (her husband, Sebastiano Properzi is one half) on the song “Flash of Light”, remains one of Ms. Murphy’s most memorable.

Mi Senti Darabzine

Mi Senti Logomark Darabzine Color

For those in pursuit of a more palpable Italian influence in Ms. Murphy’s music, Mi Senti (I Feel), will not disappoint. Performed entirely in Italian, the EP is a 6-track effort, mostly covering Italian songs from the 60’s and 70’s, parceled with Ms. Murphy’s husky vocals and well-established electronic sound. The opening track “Ancora, Ancora, Ancora” originally performed by a singer named Mina, is a velvety number, reminiscent of the late French chanteuse Dalida. Lusciously, Ms. Murphy performs the song with an unexpected kind of grace that is easy on the ears.

“In Sintesi” (In a Nutshell), the only track original to Ms. Murphy from the set, is a tantalizing mélange of Italo-disco and sultry 80’s pulsation. With vocals that writhe into gunning rhythms, it’s a gem of a song for those who appreciate a good slice of electro pop.

Mi Senti is the kind of undertaking that is more art project than an attempt to take the commercial path in music. Moreover, it is an effort that challenges artists to stay true to their own creative veracity.

A cause for comment goes to the album’s artwork and typography, charmingly designed and directed by leading UK design firm, Studio Pensom. To sample the music click here.


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